New lead-free 4OXeco LP oxygen sensor offers five-year life in flue gas analysers


New lead-free 4OXeco LP oxygen sensor offers five-year life in flue gas analysers

Developed to improve the accuracy, operational life and resistance to cross-contamination in flue gas analysers, the new 4OXeco LP sensor from City Technology uses the company's well established lead-free toxic gas sensor technology to reduce response and recovery times and eliminate field failures. The 4OXeco LP low power version for use in portable equipment is produced in City's industry-standard 4 Series form factor to ensure mechanical compatibility with existing instrument designs.

Portable and fixed flue gas analysers are widely used in power stations, industrial, commercial and residential buildings to measure the oxygen and carbon monoxide content of boiler flue gases, a key measure of efficiency and safety. The use of natural gas, LPG, light and heavy oils, biomass, wood pellets, coal, propane and butane in fixed boilers and power generation plants has increased the amount and types of contaminants likely to be present in flue gases, creating the potential for a higher incidence of false readings during measurements.

Tom Gurd, City's Emissions Product Manager, said, "Increasing energy costs are making it more beneficial for businesses and homeowners to maintain combustion processes at peak efficiency. 4OXeco LP marks another major innovation in gas sensing technology from City. The new sensor is specifically designed to cope with the harsh environment in which it has to operate, it has proved its performance during our accelerated life test programme and two years of field use with a development partner in Germany, one of the most strictly regulated markets in Europe."



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