City Technology to speak about Oxygen Sensing at Gas Group Event


Dr Martin Willett, a sensor expert from City Technology, is one of the keynote speakers at the Gas Analysis and Sensing Group's 20th anniversary meeting being held at the Institute of Materials in London on 5th December.
The title of the presentation is 'Oxygen Sensing for Industrial Safety - Evolution and New Approaches', a version of which will also appear in the forthcoming Sensors Journal special issue on Gas Sensors.

GASG meetings attract manufacturers, users and academic bodies with technical interests in gas sensors and their applications. The latest meeting will mark the Group's 20th anniversary. As a global manufacturer of electrochemical gas sensors, City Technology has been invited to outline the latest developments in oxygen sensing designed to meet current and future needs in this important application.

Dr Martin Willett said "The requirement for detecting oxygen in many industrial safety applications has historically been met by electrochemical technologies based on the consumption of metal anodes. Products using this approach have been technically and commercially successful for more than three decades. However, new requirements are driving the development of alternative approaches offering new opportunities and challenges.

"It's great to have the opportunity to share our experiences with GASG members and the wider industry. City has been in business for over 35 years and a big part of our focus continues to be industrial applications. With significant growth anticipated in this market it is vital that gas sensor manufacturers respond to end user needs for improved longevity, reliability and performance across an increasingly wide environmental range."




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