Extended hydride sensor family

In addition to the new Arsine (AsH3), Silane (SiH4) and Phosphine (PH3) sensor release in November 2009, we are pleased to extend our hydride sensor offering to include Diborane (B2H6) and Hydrogen Selenide (SeH2) sensors, as well as H2S filtered Arsine (AsH3) and Phosphine (PH3) sensors.

B2H6 and SeH2 gases are used extensively in semiconductor, photovoltaic, fumigation and metal leaching manufacturing processes. Highly toxic, corrosive and explosive in nature, hydride gases require extensive safety precautions to ensure safe working environments and properly functioning processes.

These new additions to the range, along with existing Sensoric hydride sensors, use patented ionic liquid electrolyte resulting in excellent output level stability, responsiveness to target gas and superior performance in harsh environmental conditions.

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NEW SeH2 Data Sheet

NEW B2H6 Data Sheet

NEW AsH3 with 200ppm hour H2S Filter Data Sheet

NEW PH3 with 200ppm hour H2S Filter Data Sheet

AsH3 Data Sheet

SiH4 Data Sheet

PH3 Data sheet




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