Maximize instrument field performance with 4S Rev. 2


City Technology is pleased to announce the launch of a new electrochemical sulphur dioxide sensor, 4S Rev. 2 which builds on the historically very successful 4S sensor. Combining customer feedback and multi decade expertise in SO2 sensor design and manufacture, the 4S Rev. 2 is a ‘best in class’ sensor optimised for high performance in industrial safety applications.

petrochemical-plant concreat-production steel-mill

Our 4 series SO2 sensors are used in both portable and fixed instruments, typically deployed in the following applications:

  • Oil and gas refineries
  • Petrochemical plants
  • Cement manufacturing
  • Metal processing facilities
  • Other industrial applications

As a result of our extensive understanding of these applications the 4S Rev. 2 sensor is designed to maximize performance and prolong operating life by delivering:

  • Faster response time
  • Market leading baseline stability
  • Resistance to humidity shocks
  • An optimized H2S filter

We have also widened the temperature range and extended information on cross sensitivity to gases that are typically found in industrial applications. The 4S Rev. 2 sensor's stability and repeatability is further guaranteed through state of the art manufacturing and stringent quality controls.

4S Rev. 2 is a prime example of our commitment to continuous product innovation and improvement in response to customer feedback.


For further information please:

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