Effective date: 7th July 2009

Warranty Policy

Within the warranty period, products are warranted against defects in workmanship, materials, and construction. A credit note or free of charge replacement will be raised against the appropriate account where a sensor has failed within this criteria. Please view the list of particulars pertaining to this policy:

  • Units, which exhibit misuse, accident, or neglect by the user will be scrapped and no credit issued.
  • Other manufacturers' product will be refused or returned to the sender even if the customer requests the product be scrapped.
  • No credit will be issued for any material returned improperly packaged or damaged in transit.
  • Any acceptance of goods returned for credit will be at the sole discretion of City technology.
  • The sensing and referencing electrodes of biased operation CiTiceLs must not be shorted together when returned
  • All other toxic gas CiTiceL types should have their sensing and reference electrodes shorted out. ( otherwise this will delay their settling & thus re test )
  • Please pack each sensor individually to prevent any damage in transit. This is most important to prevent damage to the critical capillary mechanism during transit
  • Products containing PCB interface electronics should be stored and transported in anti-static bags.
  • When returning goods under warranty all accompanying documentation should clearly state that they are defective goods and of 'no commercial value'
  • If returning lithium batteries then please ensure they are electrically insulated from one another

If you have any questions relating to our warranty policy or returns process then please do not hesitate in contacting us.


Effective Date: 25th August 2009