Patents and Trademarks

City Technology's products are protected by the following international patents and registered designs.

Patent Number


2140325 Canada
0656111 Europe
0667519 Europe
0763730 Europe
0767905 Europe
1110081 Europe
1135336 Europe
1114207 Europe
2267968 Great Britain
2305730 Great Britain
2001/1225 Republic of South Africa
4633704 USA
5601693 USA
5632875 USA
5811662 USA
6046054 USA
6395230 USA
6481264 USA

Registered Designs


103504 Canada
103505 Canada
000039029-0001 EU
000039029-0002 EU
405654-57A France
M9503352.1 Germany
2043231 Great Britain
TO95000098 Italy
D494879S USA
D500256 USA
Des.371750 USA

The following are registered trademarks of City Technology Ltd.

Registered Trademarks


AFT Great Britain
AutoNO Germany, Great Britain, USA
AutoO2 Germany, Great Britain, USA
Capteur "Masthead" & logo Great Britain
CiTiceL Canada, France, Germany, Great Britain, Italy, Japan, Republic of South Korea, Taiwan, USA
CiTipeL Great Britain
"City Technology" name Canada, Europe, Great Britain
"City Technology" logo Canada, Great Britain, USA
Enzylert Great Britain
IMES Great Britain, Europe
IRceL Great Britain, Canada, Europe, USA
IRidium Europe, USA
MediceL France, Germany, Great Britain, Italy, USA
MICROceL Great Britain, Canada, Europe, USA
MICROpeL Great Britain, Canada, Europe, USA
SEMDEC Great Britain

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