Frequently Asked Questions

Customers with Kanbans have an advantage of readily available product at pre set quantities.

Kanban agreement rules

  • New kanban requirements can be agreed with your account manager. They will need to discuss order frequency and volume demand.

  • Kanbans are 12 month rolling agreements based on a blanket order. The order must be placed one month before the first delivery.

  • LSD will inform the customer of the first available call off date for a new kanban.

  • We expect a minimum of 26 kanban orders (turns) per year, we target 52 turns. This means we expect you to call off your kanban every 7-14 days.

  • Kanban orders can only be made at the agreed frequency unless by special arrangement. You can reorder after 7 days.

  • Your account manager will review your kanban agreements with you regularly and feedback any necessary adjustments to our production planners.

  • City Technology will review all agreements quarterly and work with customers to revise kanban quantities where necessary.

  • Changes to kanban quantity require 4 weeks notice.

  • Kanban orders up to 150% of the agreed quantity can be accepted.

    The agreed kanban bin size is equal to the minimum order quantity (MOQ).

  • All orders acknowledged by LSD before 4pm (GMT+1) will be dispatched during the following two working days

  • Kanban products will be held labeled and packed to maximise availability. Kanbans will be released to customer using FIFO (First In First Out) principles. Product will be labeled at point of manufacture and will not be relabeled at time of call off.

  • If demand exceeds maximum supply quantity for any period contact should be made with either Customer Services Uster or your Sales Manager to discuss the availability of product.

  • In the event that a Kanban agreement ceases or no product is drawn for 2 months completed Kanban stocks will be dispatched and charged at the prevailing price. No replacement will be manufactured.