Frequently Asked Questions


  1. What are your payment terms?
  2. What is your standard Warranty Returns Procedure?
  3. Do you have distributors in other countries?
  4. What are the lead times for sensors?
  5. How many people work at City Technology?
  6. How do I open an account?
  7. What are your hours of business?
  8. Can you offer company specific labels?
  9. Do you supply replacement sensors for Instruments?


  1. What does the date code mean?
  2. Why is the NX1 CiTiceL better than the 3NF/F for automotive applications?
  3. How often should sensors be re-calibrated?
  4. How variable are the cross-sensitivity values quoted?
  5. When you use a pump in front of the sensor, will the response time speed up?
  6. Can I put a membrane or filter in front of a sensor?
  7. What are the factors to consider when designing a suitable sampling system?
  8. What happens if the gas itself has a different temperature to that of the sensor?
  9. What manufacturing traceability exists for your sensors?
  10. Can sensors tolerate continuous exposure to target gas?
  11. What approvals do the sensors have?
  12. What material is the sensor housing made out of?
  13. Are the sensors intrinsically safe?
  14. How do I test my circuit?
  15. How can I sterilise a sensor?
  16. What happens if I expose a sensor to temperatures outside the quoted operating range?
  17. What happens if I expose a sensor to pressures outside the quoted operating range?
  18. What are the optimal storage conditions for sensors?
  19. What are the power requirements for sensors?
  20. How long do inboard filters last?
  21. What happens if I exceed the maximum overload?
  22. How much Oxygen do sensors need to function correctly?
  23. Why is my sensor reading lower than the quoted specification?
  24. How do I connect to the sensor?
  25. Do you have Temperature Data?
  26. Do you have cross-interference data?
  27. What is the recommended storage period?
  28. Why is a minimum flow rate required?
  29. What substances can kill a sensor?
  30. How do I prepare a CiTiceL for use?
  31. How do I know when to replace my sensor?
  32. Can I test CiTiceLs with a surrogate gas?