Enviromental Policy

Our Environmental Policy

As a leading manufacturer of electrochemical gas sensors, used to provide safety and protect the environment, City Technology recognises that it's products and processes should minimise any impact on the environment. Therefore, City Technology aims to:

  • Work with our suppliers and customers to improve their environmental performance and reduce environmental impact
  • Regularly monitor air and effluent emissions and strive to reduce them
  • Comply with relevant environmental legislations and regulations
  • Monitor our environmental performance regularly through the setting and reviewing of environmental objectives and targets
  • Communicate this policy to all employees and to the public on request
  • Implement appropriate environmental training for all staff
  • Continually improve our environmental management system
  • Reduce water and electricity consumption
  • Seek to minimise the environmental impact of our products during their Design and Development, Manufacture, Use and Disposal.
  • Minimise waste & consumption of materials and Implement recycling and re-use whenever possible. Dispose of all waste appropriately.