City Hosts 2014 APAC Annual Distributor Conference


City Technology's 2014 APAC Annual Distributor Conference took place at the Marriott Hotel in Ningbo, China, this week (6-7 March). More than 20 distributors from mainland China, Hongkong, Taiwan and Southeast Asia joined the event to get an update on the company's strategy for the coming year, along with new product and market developments.

Wilson Tan, City Technology's APAC business leader, reviewed current market trends and business performance. He shared details of the latest challenges that both City and the gas detection industry are facing, and outlined key areas where the business is planning to invest over the coming years.

City's APAC technical support and business development teams reviewed potential business opportunities relating to changes in the Government's standards and policies with regard to gas detection. It was also an opportunity to review some of City's key product launches which are due to launch later in the year.

The conference is designed to benefit distributors in terms of business planning whilst providing the opportunity to have valuable face-to-face discussions about customer needs and future market trends.