City Technology raises the bar for gas sensors with the introduction of 1series


City Technology once again raises the bar with the introduction of 1series Analogue Gas Sensors

The 1series is a small sensor that enables slim profile gas detector design. Traditionally, sensors are fitted within instruments. With the 1series low-profile design, the sensors have turrets to mount into the front of the instrument minimizing the instrument height and easing the gas access to sensors.

The new 1series platform is covering a broad range of gases: CO, H2S, O2, SO2, LEL Combustible Gases.

This small package sensor comes with an extended operating life of five years and an extended temperature and humidity range, 1series sensors are also designed to meet over multiple performance standards, including ANSI/ISA 92.00.01-2010, BS EN 45544-1:2015, and AS/NZS 4641-2007.



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