Gas Sensors on the Agenda at MEMS Industry Congress

Gas Sensors on the Agenda at MEMS Industry Congress


Sean Clay, Vice President & General Manager of Honeywell Industrial Safety Sensors, part of the group which includes City Technology, delivered one of the keynote presentations at the European Micro Electromechanical Systems (MEMS) Executive Congress this month in Copenhagen (10th March 2015).

The subject of the presentation was "The Connected Worker & how the industrial sector is enabling the commercialisation of connected technologies". Sean delivered a use case from Honeywell which explored the opportunities for intelligent sensors and edge devices in the Industrial Sector, the development of the Connected Worker and effective positioning strategies.

The Congress was organised by the MEMS Industry Group® (MIG), the trade association advancing MEMS and sensors across global markets. It brought together all the globally recognized MEMS and sensors leaders from the fabrication industry and algorithm and device designers to integrators and end-users.

Sean Clay, VPGM, Honeywell Industrial Sensors, commented: "Connecting intelligent sensors and edge devices creates unprecedented user value from the environments we can sense, the data we can aggregate, the decisions we can make, and the application specific solutions we can create.

"The MEMs Congress provided an ideal platform to talk about the commercialization of sensor technologies and the additional value Honeywell can bring by creating a pathway for connecting the installed base and engaging existing channels. We can draw on real examples in the industrial world where we are developing operating models for realizing the commercial potential of a connected strategy.

"We have seen exponential growth in connected devices and applications, whilst in relative terms, it still only represents a small proportion of the total available market. The presentation explored ways to reach and engage the customer and drive majority adoption of new technologies by anticipating the whole life cycle influencers in the value chain. The connected worker gives us a great capability for connectivity, integration and collaboration."

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Sean Clay biography

Sean has over 20 years experience of sensing technologies, edge devices and connected systems across a wide range industrial and commercial applications and market segments. His work has developed applications which integrate discrete technologies and services into single connected solutions to serve the needs of established industries; including homes, commercial buildings, industrial facilities and worker safety, with novel solutions. He holds an MBA from Cranfield School of Management and is a Chartered Fellow of the Institute of Directors.