This page contains all Press Releases issued by City Technology since 1999.


July New 1series Analogue Gas Sensors reset the gas sensing standards


August 2002 City Technology Introduce New 4-20mA Transmitter Boards
June 2002 Carbon Monoxide Sensors for Flue Gas Emissions Monitoring
May 2002 City Technology Introduce New Ammonia Sensor
April 2002 Repair Grade Nitric Oxide Sensors for Exhaust Gas Analysers


September 2001 City Technology Launch 'MCO' Carbon Monoxide Sensor for Breath Analysis
April 2001 City Technology Launches Hydrogen Sulphide Sensor with Reduced Cross Sensitivity To Methanol - The 7HH/LM
March 2001 City Technology Launches The In-Q-OX - Fast - Response Oxygen Sensor for Infant Incubators
5 March 2001 City Technology Launch "Short Pin" Version of 4 Series Sensors


17 November 2000 City Technology's IRidium Bench Gains Bar Approval
30 October 2000 Ref : City Technology Ltd. v. Alphasense Ltd.
10 July 2000 Speedy Warm up IRidium Bench From City Technology
21 February 2000 City Technology No Sensors To Benefit 'Blue Babies'


December 1999 An Advance in Poison-Resistant Catalytic Bead Sensors
November 1999 New From City Technology - Sensors For Disposable Instruments
October 1999 Millennium Award For Environmental Monitoring Technology From Learian/City Technology Limited
22 July 1999 City Technology Launches New Shock Resistant CiTipeL® - The P50
1999 City Technology Medical Sensors Live 50% Longer