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City Technology's IRidium infra-red bench for use in vehicle emissions monitoring, has this month gained full approval from one of the world's most highly respected approval bodies, the California Bureau of Automotive Repair (BAR).

City Technology, a leader in gas sensing technology, based in the UK is now the only company in the world that offers analyser manufacturers a full range of sensors which satisfies BAR 97 requirements. The City range monitors CO, CO2 and hydrocarbons (all detected by the IRidium bench), and O2 and NO (electrochemical sensors).

The BAR approval for the IRidium comes at a time when BAR standards are increasingly being adopted across many other US states (e.g. New York, Massachussetts and Maryland) and in Europe and the Far East. The USA is continuing to set the international lead in devising and enforcing 'clean air' legislation, such that many other countries are developing similar monitoring programmes.

The BAR-approved IRidium from City widens the options for manufacturers of instruments used in the inspection and maintenance of vehicles in both the repair and aftermarket sectors. Many OEMs worldwide are already utilising City's NO gas sensors, also BAR-approved, which are essential components within analysers used in the California Smog Check II Programme.

BAR confirms IRidium's success

David Baines is Sales & Marketing Director at City. 'We launched the IRidium infra-red bench in July this year, and it has already been well received. We aimed for an ultra-fast warm up, keeping it to less than 30 seconds, and instrument designers appreciate its compact form for easy integration. The BAR approval augurs well for the future.'

Compact, effective and easy to integrate

The IRidium measures just 32mm x 42mm x 150mm, has no moving parts, and uses less than an average of 1 watt of electrical energy. Interfaces for the IRidium have been developed with convenience in mind - easy integration of the bench and sensor/s into analyser instrumentation has been a prime driver of design. Combining the latest infra-red technology with proven excellence in electrochemical sensing, the bench's speedy warm up period of less that 30 seconds allows increased vehicle throughput and operator productivity at testing stations. Custom-built manifolds for the electrochemical sensor/s are also available.

17 November, 2000

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Brian Robson, Technical Product Manager at City Technology on + 44 (0)23 9232 5511 or email brian.robson@citytech.co.uk
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